For their SS18 collection at London Fashion Week Mens, Tourne de Transmission brought us The Lies That Bind. 

The collection primarily consisted of oversize layers. Interestingly enough, the concept was taken from Sigmund Freud’s book Propaganda and it seemed as if the line was more of a rebellion against politics and what’s going on in the world. The brand explains, “there is a layer, a veneer on life, that we are not made to see through.” Perhaps this was the literal inspiration for the many layers you’ll see within the collection, as literal seemed to be the name of the game in this line.

Another literal translation can be found in the outerwear. The designer talks about how there’s so much transparency today withing media and politics and to reflect those “lies,” the collection has many transparent materials layered over others. We see asymmetric vest lengths and very long blazers…an interesting take on future office wear. Colors stuck mainly in the black and grey range, but pops of orange brightened this up for spring. The looks were paired with all-purpose, weatherproof backpacks and various styles of sandals and gym shoes. We even spotted socks and sandals, which, is one of the original fashion faux pas. Fingers crossed that fashion concept won’t be resurfacing in SS18, or pretty much ever, but we’ll make sure you’re the first to know if it does.

Other trends for SS18 include scarves, baggy sleeves and the concept of deconstruction, which we sincerely hope, isn’t also a direct reflection on society today.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos by Isabel Infantes/PR Wire.






















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