Sean Suen delivers again on the Paris runways. Or so the headline should read.

Last year for SS17 on his very first visit on the catwalk in Paris we were raving over the Sean Suen collection and we explained about how a traditional and classy European urban chic was newly being defined from Asia, whereas this year the young designer from China is coming back with the same stylish cuts and silky shapes again defying the gravity of modern times – which in the sartorial arts today is often futuristic or chaotic without any sense of history or tradition, but which in addition to Sean’s recognizable signature cuts and shapes today also offers us a beautiful soft pallet of pastel colors, the objective being to make the character of his style besides being classy also ‘tender’ –which is theme of the show.

Mint greens against metallic sky blues, and coppers on cream. In that one sentence basically all is said that you need to know when you peruse the slideshow below but what is remarkable about Sean Suen is the integrity of the concept that he is willing to dare before us. Because watching show after show after show during fashion week one comes to realize easily that not all young designers understand yet what it takes to actually build and create not only a new design or a new style concept which is interesting and pleasing to the eye, but also something which actually shows full coherence and integrity in its conception from start to finish. Not just running signatures in fabrics, materials, make, colors, cuts, patterns, shapes, looks, and accessories, but also to create a new conception which is true to its own identity.

In other words, many especially young designers are perhaps too focused on deconstructing traditional styles rather than on creating styles which will become a new standard of tradition, elegance and class. And for this, Sean Suen, as a young designer, is thankfully a beautiful exception. For here is a young designer who gets it and who needs no more sartorial lessons, because his collections breathe elegance and class in seeming effortless fashion. They even breathe tenderness.

The press release reads that the SS18 collection is supposed to convey to us ‘the perception of calmness and tenderness which provides a feeling of comfort’, and it is this, the perfect description of the maturity of Sean Suen as a young designer, which captures the Paris SS18 show.

Words by Sandro and photos from Sean Suen.
























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