Sometimes you wonder what the French obsession is with West Coast Americana but then again one would maybe find just as many Californians obsessing over French style. This seems to be a current that goes two ways, but where they meet is usually in some rather abstract of familiar forms & shapes, pastel retro colors, and futuristic design. So, aye, why not go back to the simple minimalism of classic retro beach wear – slippers, sandals, traditional Hawaii shirts, bright & tight T shirts, while donning comfortable beach boxers, if not a dangerously outdated “speedo” in all its former glory – that is if you have the body go with it.

Hey, it’s about style and colors after all and this is the hot summer of 2018, life is a beach, and we are care free, we love surfing, wind, water, and waves, and happy days are here again. Mind you that these items created by Monsieur Julien Pellat – Finet, one of the grand old dons of French fashion, are seriously rich and beautiful when it comes to materials used (cashmere, Japanese fabrics) and only made in France, Italy, and Japan. These are superior beachwear products for men, both through variety of colors available as well as by the perfectly fitting classic LA retro style.

All colors are glorious – think bubblegum pink, fluo-mandarin, or kryptonite green, so that your ‘nonchalance etudiée’ (your studied cool) as the press release would have it, becomes effortless while spotting the latest LPF near the sands of the beach or by the side of the pool. For no party is necessary when you always do things in style. French-Malibu style. By LPF.

Words by Sandro and photos from Julien Pellat – Finet.

























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