Having a background in both theatre and choreography Mr Vibskov – besides being a cult and celebrity designer at this point in time – is the grandmaster of the grand stage of the lost puppet show of our forgotten dreams when we were once innocent children. He manages to bring back alive with every new show those haunting images of early childhood dreams and nightmares which never really leave you when you grow old. They are still there. And voila, there they are!

After introducing his creations gently and calmly they seem to slowly come alive and eventually will parade in firm staccato with perfect precision like a toy soldier army on a war path along and by the silently gawking fashionistas, press, friends, and other dignitaries and fans. Mr Vibskov then comes out in the end so as to safely lead the grand army back into the cupboard himself where they get locked up for another six months until the next show will be about to start again. Strangely then that this marvel of a show still manages to get better over time which is evidenced by the reaction of the crowd which now remains seated in the end as if to expect an encore.

But dreams do usually not come back to haunt one twice.

The show’s theme: Sleep, dreams, bed, sleeping bags, nightmares, and pillows; and an occasional book on the ground which will put you to sleep. Rich, colorful, vibrant, and original – the Henrik Vibskov SS18 collection rocked (with a little bit of help by Gentle Monster) even some pop/rock-stars. And that’s because masterclass never needs any praise. Or likes on Youtube.

You will be able to find Mr Vibskov’s creations in New York City until August 6th at the MAD Museum.

Words by Sandro and photos from Henrik Vibskov.
























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