Sometimes before a show it is better to read the press release first, and imagine what the collections are going to be like, rather than to first take look and only then try to decrypt what wealth of sartorial assets you just witnessed. And especially so with Christian Dada – the designer known as Masanori Morikawa from Japan – because on the fabrics and materials used and for the sheer number and richness of techniques that come into play for the collection, one would never have even a humble guess as to the intricate workings of the creative process — not even as a journalistic expert.

But that is precisely what ‘couture’ is of course, for the menswear design by Christian Dada is not ready-to-wear, not prêt-à-porter, and not even high-end or haute gamme, in that here all is done by hand with refined techniques involving complex and sensitive materials, a lot of them coming from Japan.

And that is what then creates a special recognizable style which here at Best Dressed Man we like to call Christian Dada Punk Couture, for we have seen this show many times, and you’ll find that as the golden thread that weaves through all the creations of the designer is a Dadaist idea of creative destruction, of beauty through imperfections, which the show likes to announce with the theme of ‘Losing Power’. And indeed such a cry may set a standard for the creative processes at work here, but when we also take into account the different jacquards (brocades, damasks), plaid cottons, bleached blouses, the different beads and embroideries, the artistic prints, and the marvelous variety of patterns on show on the runway, then we can only come to the conclusion that the Christian Dada SS18 collection is all power gained.

It’s called the power of style.

Words by Sandro and photos from Christian Dada.

























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