Creative director Jonny Johansson for ACNE brings us yet another stylish homey-slash-outdoors display of sartorial gifts for which Sweden is so famous, the walk into the woods from the home, or in this case the walk from the city to the summer home, which well, of course has to be made in the full comfort of the house-slash-trench coat, so that, hey, if it rains you are prepared, but if the sun shines and you happen to arrive on the veranda of your wooden outdoor retreat, you can well, also lounge – and in that very same suit coat until you fall asleep mind you.

Thus we may need more suit coats in this world, that is for sure, but we may have to thank Mr Johansson and ACNE for bringing this marvel to our collective attention.

And as is their habit and style, ACNE in Paris this time around again preferred to give a presentation where one can actually study the sitting (or lounging) model rather than to have a runway show, which makes sense, because journalists and artists and photographers will have an easier time studying the creations before them, rather than when the models are on the move.

The creamy pastel and woody colors you see on display are straight from the Swedish outdoors and even carry their own Swedish names, as in Falurod Red and Dalabla Blue, and to make things really feel super homey some of the patterns used have adopted the feel of tea towels (that ubiquitous and oh so important asset in any Nordic kitchen where your cups are always neatly polished) as well as the occasional summer shade curtain keeping out the long white nights of the summer outdoors. Here you will see sweet comfort derived from the outhouse and garden variety of interior decorations well found in Swedish second outdoor homes. A great concept for style indeed. Rustic and homey. And comfortable.

Add to that trousers or slacks that are spacey and roomy strung up lightly but high with gabardine sash belts, and of course easy going crochet sweaters and flower embroideries on the seams of your long cut suit coat, not to mention the sandals and the slippers, and boom, all of a sudden the overall image that appears is a marvelous Nordic answer to the Southern home bathrobe (think films in where the Don is spotting one at the pool), with the brilliant twist of course that this one also functions as a trench coat – which means you may be able to escape your enemies still when they come unexpectedly knocking on your door.

“Run boss, run, they are knocking on the door.”

“But where is my coat?”

“You are wearing one already, this is Sweden, and it is called a suit coat.”

“What, but we were just getting out of the pool?”

“Never mind, just run, the woods stretch far and deep behind the yard.”

Words by Sandro and photos by ACNE.
























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