Oversize was the name of the game at South Korean designer Munsoo Kwon’s Milan Fashion Week runway show. Having seen the brand before in Seoul, BDMOTP was very excited to learn they would be gracing the Milan runways, and the show did not disappoint.

Inspired by individualism through the years, Kwon based his collection on a number of themes. The concept of yuppies — ¬†young urban professionals in the 1980s, then the bobos, those engulfed in material culture and of course, yolos or millennials, people who live in the moment.

The collection was full of layers, stiff, voluminous shirts layered over wide-leg pants and topped with a large, floating trench. Huge striped sweaters with huge necklines and baggy sleeves were layered over floral and striped tank tops and shirts.

Utility jumpsuits and two-piece sets gave off a workman’s vibe, as well as a military feeling, with camo prints and beige and green garments. Pinstripes and denim reflect some of the yuppie trends. Comfortable anoraks and track pants give millennials that in the moment hedonism.

Baseball hats were paired with many of the looks as well. Models walked the runway in mismatched shoes, perhaps contributing towards that individualism theme– each foot is a different part of personality? BDMOTP isn’t quite sure the mismatched shoe trend will take off, but we can definitely see a Brooklyn millennial sporting the oversize trenches next spring, perfect for a cool, relaxed look or even to stay warm and dry on a windy, rainy spring day in 2018.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Munsoo Kwon.

























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