JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN made quite an entrance at London Fashion Week Mens this season with an oversize, 80s-inspired collection of menswear. Designer Arashi Yanagawa, an ex-professional boxer, named his brand in honor of the legendary boxer JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN. Yanagawa hopes his brand embodies the same traits as the famous boxer like strength, personality and dignity.

Although the brand itself is definitely edgy, the SS18 collection certainly seemed to have those traits. Inspired by post punk and the cold wave scene, the JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN collection featured baggy pants paired with punk-esque tee shirts. Oversize blazers and vests were layered over the looks for both men and women. Although the line featured models of both sexes, most of the looks were decidedly androgynous. Leather, pinstripes and plaid were also spotted on the runway,as well as belts. The old-age favorites of the denim jacket (dig yours of the attic–they are back!) and the leather motorcycle jacket were both present in the collection, two trends that will never fully go out of style.

Pops of pink and red gave the collection a burst of color, and the black and beige simple color scheme was also heavily used within the line. This particular collection is definitely for a younger gentleman, one who wants to express his emotions and musical tastes through his outfits and personal style. In any case, red leather is always fun to wear, so partake in some for SS18!

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN

























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