This season, Guiseppe Zanotti took his footwear line and branched out. Using interesting new materials on his shoes for SS18 such as denim and neoprene, the Zanotti look has always been wild, but this was a whole new ballgame. Inspired by the 90s, Zanotti took his bedazzled and colorful sneakers to the top once again, but added some functional twists. Besides the new shoe fabrics, Zanotti also showed some clothing such as jackets and pants, plus some backpacks.

Part of the collection was more subdued than Zanotti usually takes it, but with small touches like a silver bow tie on a loafer or simply some new, cool colors like an olive green or a grey suede. As usual, his kitschy sneakers were a very prominent part of the collection, with gold, silver and colorful adornments. The neoprene sneak were a modern experiment, one we think will work thanks to the comfort of the shoes. Some of the SS18 top styles also include a denim loafer and boot, both new takes on what musicians from the 1990s ofen wore.

“Mandals,” or man-sandals, were also part of the collection. In both black and military colors, Zanotti took some inspiration from the Greek gladiator sandal, using a variety of thick straps and a wide, flat sole for a summery yet urban, stylish look.

We’re used to Zanotti being creative, but this year he really took things to a new level, incorporating some different styles and concepts into his footwear –there really is something for every man in the SS18 collection.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Zanotti.


















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