Dunhill’s new creative director, Mark Weston has officially taken the rains, and the collection comes as such, presenting both looks for Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018 all in one. Coming from Burberry, BDMOTP was excited to see what turn Weston would take the dunhill brand in.

After carefully checking out the collections, BDMOTP has deduced that dunhill has seemed to stay fairly true to their roots despite new direction. Crisp, dapper suits, impeccably tailored, take the reins of the collection. Perfect for that English gentleman (or wannabe) heading to work, this suits are made to fit and line the body perfectly — none of the oversize, baggy pants and tunics we’ve seen from other designers this week at London Fashion Week Mens.

For after-work and weekends, there’s some overcoats and trenches, and for fall, some down vests and coats, making comfort and warmth a key feature. But style is never given up for the sake of comfort with dunhill — both factors are equally important. Vertical stripes and mohair make solid appearances. Most of the colors fall within the basic realm, but we do see light pops of blue and pink, never straying too far, of course, from the trusty grey, beige, navy and black. The garments seem to be in style, but more importantly, we see a focus on quality materials and good fit — those values have always been important at dunhill. Accessories come in the form of soft leather briefcases and weekender bags.

dunhill calls this a revolution. We simply call it good fashion.

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