Corneliani showed a strong SS18 collection at Milan Uomo this season, with five different capsule collections allowing clients to discover the perfect jacket and outfits based on their preferred hobby. Each of the five collections was dedicated to a specific activity: biking on motorcycles, riding horses, driving vintage cars, sailing and golfing. Based on the activity, a small line was created with clothes inspired by it.

Perfectly complimenting the male shape, the jackets were the main point of each collection. Biking was leather and lambskin, perfect for a windy day cruising on the motorbike. Riding featured jersey knit and driving was created from wool, extra tear-resistant. Sailing was blue, and of course wind and waterproof, and golfing had a preppy vibe, made from knit. Zips, buttons and insets made each jacket perfectly compliment the hobby. From material to color, these capsule collections were created with an attention to detail so precise that any gentleman would be thrilled to invest in a solid jacket or otherwise from Corneliani. The jackets are also a piece of history too — as the famous attached chest piece is actually a signature Corneliani look created by the brand over 10 years back.

But functionality is important too. A sailing piece isn’t just a sailing piece because it’s blue. The clothes don’t just look good, but the move and work with the body, ensuring you can participate in all of these activities and many more in both comfort and style.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Corneliani.






















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