BDMOTP has always been a longtime fan of D.GNAK since the very first time we saw the collection walk down the Seoul Fashion runway several years back. With models jamming to Will Smith’s “Men in Black,” we’ve always though the brand does basics the way they should be done. Chic, cool and with a touch of pizzazz, but never too much. In previous seasons, D.GNAK has graduated to showing at the European runways in Milan, and for SS18, they’ve made their debut at London Fashion Week Mens.

Kang Don Jun’s inspiration for this particular collection came down to a single word in Chinese: 因緣. It means “inevitable interaction.” He explains that this means the coming  together of two distinct powers, yin and yuan. In terms of his D. GNAK SS18 collection, this means two things fused to create greatness.

When greatness comes in the form of black, white and beige, BDMOTP is in. Using oversize garments, fabrics like leather and utility detailing like straps and belts, the looks go from basic to anything but. Just because the colors are simple don’t mean the designs are and the tailoring is on point even though many of the garments are meant to be baggy. Pants stop above the ankle and we even see a type of “skort” for men — shorts with an interesting fabric draped over them asymmetrically, like a skirt and shorts put together, effectively, a skort. Color addicts, don’t worry– there was an occasional pop of red and yellow too.

Words by Lori and photos from D.GNAK.























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