Welcome to Bar Tiptoe, where Santoni is serving up fresh espresso, warm croissants and delicious footwear. Yup, you heard right. For SS18, Santoni decided to change things up a bit and host a small soiree featuring coffee, snacks and shoes, all served up on a silver platters. After all, everything seems to look better served to you on a silver platter, right?

Waiters walked around with their trays, you never did know what you might get. Perhaps a small pistachio tart, perhaps a cold glass of fruit infused water…or maybe a pair of deep green dresses shoes with two class side buckles. In fact, this season seemed to be characterized by the deep, rich green and blue leather tones. The brushed grey leather was also a a special look, giving the shoe both depth and texture.

A few selections of white dress shoes were passed around on trays, unique styles, a whole new world away from the typical gym shoe, that buckled and laced. A shiny patent leather loafer glimmered in the sunlight, perfect for that wedding or dressier occasion you can’t see to find the right footwear for. Summer is complete here too, with a snazzy pair of leather flip flops so you can look just as cool at the beach as you do walking around the city, the town or at work. Santoni’s got you for every occasion, it seems.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Santoni.














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