As this was always going to be classy collection, here Agnès is recreating that old French summer chic, the smart/casual that Americans would know from Ralph Lauren but with a distinct twist of French flair and with that recognizable loose and comfortable French cut.

This is what Jay Gatsby would wear had F. Scott Fitzgerald been French, because Agnès went all the way back to elegant summer times of the thirties for her inspiration. Yet those unspoiled private beaches and private gardens where old time elegance is still in style still exist in France, if you know you what you are looking for. France can be a private place after all, and following Agnès drive in the SS18 collection to find pure and simple colors, and matching this with openwork stitches, with poplin boxer shorts, and with working shirts with patch pockets (from the prospectus) comfortable shapes and looks of the forgotten summers of yore are being created.

Agnes SS18 story

Agnès then goes on to claim that the SS18 collections are …

…des vêtements pour tous, pour toujours, pour la vie … de tous les jours.

(clothes for all, for always, for life … of all days)

Which of course is nice when you can remember that in the past not many people had the ability to vacation Jay Gatsby style, but that today, if you really try, that you could probably pull it off even if you have little money. So much for progress and equality through the sartorial arts which of course has always been a famous topic around the world and especially here in France, where, indeed even today, one would still have to first find a private garden, or that private beach, or a calm retrait forestiere before quietly being able to enjoy that special moment in the beautiful sun.

In Agnès b. SS18 of course with no questions asked.

Words by Sandro and photos by Agnès b.
























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