This is the second time BDMOTP is covering Etudes and the remarkable thing is that indeed this fashion for men is very thought out, that there is a real concept behind it, just like last time, and that this time around what the SS18 collection is celebrating is, well, that ubiquitous Parisian metro of yours which everybody in the world knows – perhaps only second in fame or infamy to the London Tube or the New York Subway, but hey, who has never heard in this life of the word ‘Metro’ with its direct reference to the word metropolitain of course.

That slimy, grimy, dank giant labyrinth which cuts through Paris like holes in a dirty cheese, infested with rats, shelter to the homeless and gypsies, who knows it not? Its giant shredded posters bending over curved walls, Parisian couples kissing right before the doors slam shut, the sound of shivering and shrieking ghost trains rumbling in from the underground – which colors does it celebrate, besides safety yellow, and workmen’s blue or grey? Well, here in Paris we call it RATP green, named after the organization that runs the system, but for all other purposes you can call it Aqua, after the green component of Aquamarine.

A beautifully studied concept and creation by Etudes for here we find the colors of the underground workmen, the colors of the metro, the pattern of stripes straight from the metro tickets, and the fabric and the looks of utility, of use, of those who work to keep the metro system clean, and safe and sound. Even the sub-officious pre-war costume grey comes back in the palette. We witness dungarees and workwear and workmen’s shoes and, for those who know the metro system of Paris well – the show is henceforth aptly called Vertige by Etudes, which of course means vertigo in English, that feeling to which most tourists as well as Parisian could patently subscribe once you stumble to get off just in time after the doors slam closed behind you after yet another roller coaster ride which left you sitting quite literally on the edge ..

This is, voila, the latest brilliant concept wear yet by Etudes – which needs no introduction.

Words by Sandro and photos from Etudes.

























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