Philipp Plein had two nights of shows and two epic parties this season at Milan Uomo Fashion Week. Actually — if you count Billionaire, his third line, he actually had three shows. As his first show and after party were pretty epic thanks to a collection of luxury cars, an appearance from model Jeremy Meeks and bumper cars, Plein Sport had quite a bit to live up to.

The show started as beautiful girls marched towards poles along the catwalk and began quite the series of pole dancing. Mexican masked street fighters entered in boxing rings and began to fight. BDMOTP actually wasn’t sure where to look, there was so much going on. Both male and female models began to strut their stuff, wearing the newest athleisure looks, bold and beyond, as it usually is with Plein.

Grey was ever present in the collection as tee shirts and shorts layered over Spandex leggings, topped with sporty vests and puffy jackets walked the runway. Monogrammed high-school sports tees and neon embellishments topped the sporty layers. Loud and proud, Plein also incorporated the number 78 on many of his looks. Armbands, leggings with built in knee pads, shin guards duffel bags all accessorized the line, and of course, only the coolest sneakers with words like “faster” written across Velcro straps were present. Surirprise, surprise, model Jeremy Meeks also graced the Plein Sport with his presence too.

Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Plein.

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