And what better way than kick of the Fall Winter 17/18 collections for BDMOTP this season than with Tommy, Tommy Hilfiger, this oh so terribly Anglo and collegiate upper crust brand, which is so well known and so recognizable that it may very well may have come to stand for a style all on its own – other BCBG brands notwithstanding.

This year’s winter collection is called The American Alternative – which is rather funny and yet appropriate when you come to think of it because despite this of course being a good old American brand – like Ralph Lauren also – the Tommy core value and signature style is so strongly related to British prep school boy terminology that the majority of the sartorial names of these well-to-do menswear items would seem to come from a Harry Potter special dictionary equivalent for bespoke-driven frat school boys cloistered somewhere on isolated highlands in unpronounceable British private schools.

The Tommy signature, style, and colors.

The Tommy signature, style, and colors.

Here is sample of the vocabulary marvels you can test yourself with by going through the slide show below:


  • Striped college tie
  • Rugby scarf
  • Tartan scarf

Sweaters etc.

  • Stewart roll-neck sweater
  • Cardigans
  • Crew neck sweater

Coats and jackets (or blazers)

  • Jersey-button peat coat
  • Gray tweed coat
  • Bobby wool mix coat


  • Rudy lace-ups
  • Tuppence loafers
  • Brogues (by Fred)

And Oxford shirts of course. Many Oxford shirts.

For this is the great American Alternative indeed when we watch this great and classic style topped off by faded denim jeans while carrying poppy hiking back-packs – in plaid Scottish squares. Some today would call it ‘cultural appropriation’ perhaps, but that is fine by us because it looks good on any young man, especially when worn a little bit casual in the American way, and decidedly NOT with a British stiff upper lip.

In fact, the Tommy press release calls the new collection – which has a 90’s theme hidden inside it noticeable especially in its color palette (winter cognac, burgundy, maritime blue, midnight blue, grape leaf, and khaki) – ‘edgy, relaxed, and effortlessly cool’ and we here at BDMOTP would like to go along with that description but adding ‘classic, casual, and a little chic’ but not also ‘rebellious’ as the press release would have it.

No, not every brand can pretend to ‘rebellious’ today except maybe Yves Saint Laurent from time to time. But definitely not Tommy. Because Tommy is fine the way it is. It’s classic quality menswear which makes you look good. And no further words are needed lest we take away from its beautiful and time-tested style.

Words by Sandro and photos from Tommy via GPS Radar.
























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