Everyone’s favorite classic white court shoe — but in natural rubber.

The concept, in fact, is very simple and traditional but new and creative nevertheless: Take classic court shoes, do 30 years of research in how to work and design natural rubber into different forms of liquid latex, make brand new type of elegant shoe wear on the high of the market. Thus, this innovative yet elegant French brand (www.both.com) has been around only since last year and is showing BDMOTP today their latest collection SS17. And it sticks to basics as you can see, not only as to the shape and form of the shoe wear, but also where colors are concerned. Because you can only get them in Khaki, Nude, Black, and White.

A nude natural rubber court classic.

As far as style is concerned the court shoe of course is the typical urban chic which is so very popular and ubiquitous today on the high end of the market. In fact, everybody does it. From luxury brands willing to show casual chic to sports brands promoting their latest designer styled capsule collections to designers and fashion houses themselves, everyone and everybody just LOVES to make a beautiful court shoe. And with BOTH, here for the first time, we find them in what is aptly called ‘sophisticated rubber’ – let’s do not call it liquid latex – by veritable French independent design label.

Simple yet elegant.

As a final point of importance for this new high tech sartorial marvel BDMOTP likes to note that unlike most branded court shoes, the BOTH court shoe thankfully does not show off any mark, name, stripe, or color that could identify with it either one brand or the other. No sir, this court shoe is simply made for you, to be discrete, pretty, functional, and, of course, very comfortable – regardless of the price.

And that should be what chic is all about: BOTH fits like a glove around your foot!

Discrete, chic, and khaki.

Words by Sandro and photos from Both.

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