Athleisure is spring’s hottest trend, though we’ve been seeing gentleman pairing casual kicks with snazzy suits for quite awhile now. While this gives me mild flashbacks to the 80’s businesswoman look, where you’d see a stout woman in business casual sporting white Reeboks racing to the office on the mean streets of New York City, BDMOTP is onboard with the sneaker trend. If you follow these key tips, you can sport the trainers with a classy outfit and look right on trend.

1.Make sure your shoes are clean. There’s no excuse for sloppiness

Just because you’re wearing gym shoes doesn’t mean you need to look a total mess. The idea is that the sneakers are clean and well-cared for (no shoes that are falling apart) giving the suit or dressier outfit a casual yet clean kick.

Make sure your shoes don't look dirty.

Make sure your shoes don’t look dirty.

2. You can be bold with color and style, as long as it’s chic. 

Don’t be scared to go bright, studded or 3-D. But do make sure it fits with the look and isn’t obscene.

Try something a little different.

Try something a little different.

3. When it doubt, go with black, white or beige. 

Basic colors make not be as crazy, but if you’re just starting to embark on this trend, you may want to ease in by doing something you’re sure will work. If you select white, make sure to adhere by rule number 1, and black is easy as it matches everything and never gets dirty.

White and crisp.

White and crisp.

4. Be comfortable. 

The whole point of pairing sneakers with your suit is to not only make it a chill look, but to be comfortable. If you have shoes that don’t fit correctly or a cheaply made, you may as well just wear a pair of dress shoes.

Be comfortable.

Be comfortable.

5. Wear socks or foot covers.

It may look like these dudes are going sockless, but really, you’ll be much more comfortable if you wear socks or at minimum, a pair of hidden footcovers. This keep you comfortable and avoid sweating in your gym shoes. After all, having gross foot odor will make your look decidedly less awesome.



Word by Lori Zaino and photos by Darrel Hunter.

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