Gentle Monster is celebrity and collector’s eyewear from Seoul, Korea that needs no introduction for the simple reason that today you will see them all over buzz feed and social media hot zones as every paparazzi’s favorite for its thrilling vapid and vacuous colors and odd and icky shapes. Most recently spotted in abandon this weekend at the Cannes film festival on the red carpets worn mostly by women, but also by men. For this is the ultimate K-Pop Gangnam style.

According to its press release for the 2017 collections Gentle Monster is based on what they call ‘high-end experimentation’ on ‘product, space, styling, culture, and technology’. This high design product is available in 150 countries in over 500 stores globally in selected showrooms only. Uniquely styled and colored the designer theme-eyewear comes in many variations of which here below you can enjoy a small slideshow courtesy the creators.

As for the style we will aptly follow calling it K – Pop (from Korean pop culture), and as the concept it is cited to be ‘creative-disruptive’. That’s the sad thing that Justin Bieber or Kanye West try to do all the time when they are purposefully trying to get into some other celebrity’s crosshairs. Kids call it looking for attention.

But with a real pair of Gentle Monster’s that kind juvenile behavior becomes of course entirely meaningless. Because these are highly prized high design high-end accessory items. In vapid and vacuous colors. With a daft and icky shape or form. The perfect accessory to look – as the Sex Pistols once so adequately put it forty years ago – absolutely pretty vacant.

Prices for a pair range from $200 – $500. Definitely also for men.

Words by Sandro and photos from Gentle Monster.














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