BDMOTP has always been a fan of Eleventy, thanks to their all encompassing style. Eleventy has a way of making men feel as if they are included, as if they, too, can be a part of fashion. Eleventy, simply put, makes things easy for a man to become a gentleman.

For AW17/18, Eleventy presents a very wearable collection separated into a few different sections. First, a casual office, with garments like cotton pants and longer wool/cashmere jackets. Next, an urban style section with puffy jackets, baggy pants and sneakers. Then, leisure wear with comfy shirts and cardigans. Finally, a Platinum capsule collection which includes more bespoke garments. There’s even a home collection, which includes candles and rugs.

It’s worth noting that Eleventy creates all their collections in Italy and is a sustainable brand, which we at BDMOTP love.























Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Eleventy.

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