The brightness and lightness of the Silvio Fiorello collection gives life to even the darkest and most depressing winter days. For AW17/18, color was definitely not sacrificed, and that’s precisely what BDMOTP loves about it.

When exploring the collection of silk ties, pocket squares and more, I was alerted to the fact that purple is actually one of the best-selling colors at Fiorello, which leads me to the believe that the Fiorello customer is one of class. Jolly, self-assured, bold and ready to make a statement, the Fiorello man wears a purple silk tie to the office and inadvertently brings just a little bit of brightness into his own day and the day of those around him.

The AW17/18 collection offers bright colors and artfully designed pattersn as well as motifs on pocket squares an ties, elaborating on a 80’s trend that is now coming back into style.

For those looking for something a bit more day-to-day, the flannel ties, not as loud, but just as lovely, are better for a customer hoping to make a subtler statement.












Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Fiorello.

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