This is the second time that Best Dressed Man is reviewing Boris Bidjan Saberi in Paris and again the show theme offered a stark example of what has become a common cause among many of the menswear fashion avant-garde in its portrayal of a modern young road traveler (or urban climber in this case), who often seems to go, not by the comfort of AirBnB from cosmopolitan city to cosmopolitan city supported by urban settings of neon lights and concrete or suburban sprawl, but rather by severe hardship and pain like a Silk Road Warrior across the Sahara desert from Algiers to Timbuktu, but then without a rally car or a racing team – and rather self-reliant, dapper, enterprising, and aye, why not DAFT – as in so ambitiously silly that the normal risks we take in life have now become an afterthought.

And if then you read the press release that the inspiration for this grand winter collection is the experience of the designer himself as an ICE CLIMBER, then all of a sudden things start falling into place. For was not this week a meter of snow recorded for the first time somewhere in the Sahara desert? Or is he climbing on Antarctica?

Indeed, a closer scrutiny of this winter-way-beyond-Moncler collection by Boris Bidjan Saberi shows all the elements and gadgets of extreme sport climbing – but modulated into a grand fashion statement for the ages: Harnessed pants, vest-jackets, parkas & trenches, woolly-warm hand-knit jumpers, webs of vertebral braids, optional removable pockets, removable linings, adjustable straps, climbing knots, double or triple fastenings, and – to top it all off – of course anti-snow blinding goggles and even military crampon mountain boots (the latter provided by the brand Salomon just for this occasion).

Yup, that may be extreme, but it is also beautiful. And actually much to the point for a young man in this urban life of today which requires a serious mountain or ice climber’s attitude – as well as the necessary equipment and style – in order to survive. Thus this latest collection of the BBS on-the-road menswear is shown here to breathe some serious class and has a remarkable freshness of style born out of hardcore hardship of risky and hazardous endeavors.























Words by Sandro and photos from Boris Bidjan Saberi

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