Dancers crying and screaming. Giggling men dangling off ladders. Women playing hide and seek. A haunted house, but not for Halloween. Instead, to showcase the AW17/18 Antonio Marras collection.

Artfully titles “Haunted,” the collection started off with dancers performing a longing and sad lyrical routine. Proceeding forward through a long, dark hallway filled with sculptures and mounted exhibits, one might forget this is fashion and instead, think they’re at an artistic performance or a  modern art show. Fashion is art, after all, is it not?












The creepy yet whimsical installations were so elaborate that at times, you might almost forgot to notice the fashion, but the patterns and florals were difficult to forget. Trench coats and parks reminiscent of a London dock worker next to a gown splattered with leopard print and floral made the Antonio Marras collection a memorable one. A mix of cultural influences, it wasn’t strange to see a kimono next to  a wool coat next to an upholstered jacket with gold threads or a military pattern. Even streetwear reared its head, with long, 90’s style dresses and boots.

Having had not only our fashion fix but also our cultural experience of the week, it’s safe to say that Marras showed one of the most memorable collections at Milano Fashion Week this season.
























Words by Lori Zaino and photos from Antonio Marras.

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