Always save the best for last.

Because there is no substitute for class, here is Agnès b. After all this is the designer who once worked with Quentin Tarantino to create the style and the characters of Pulp Fiction. She also worked with David Lynch. And it must be said it often takes a great stylist – perchance always – to create a great film. So that neither the brand nor the name needs an introduction by Best Dressed Man.

Therefore we like to close with the Agnès b. feature shoot because it puts the perfect finishing touch over one fashion week homme in both range and variety of styles which today come out of France, and for which the country is well-known, if not famous.

Here is a small Anthology for the week.

Fittingly the week opened with grand old style deacon Lucien Pellat-Finet who under the motto ‘the bad taste of yesterday is the good taste of today’ playfully recreated what is universally known as a style of French Pop.

As the week continued there was Officine Générale with a new collection, a rather new brand (2012) based upon a French style notion of, well, being French and therefore inevitably French Nonchalance. A casual style most ‘decontracté’.

Our Fashion Tour de France continued to Commune de Paris 1871 where we identified a rebellious form of what we dubbed Workman Chic. Super French indeed.

So here is the closer. And no comments left. As there is no substitute for French Class.

Voilà Agnès b.























Words by Sandro and photos from Agnès b.

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