Baggy was the name of the game for the Sulvam SS17 collection, designed by Teppei Fujita. A relatively new brand that was first launched in 2013, wide silhouettes were the only kind walking this runway. However, fashion was not sacrificed in this collection. Although the trousers, tops and jackets were all oversize, there was still an abundance of style: ties and crops, V-necks and wraps, cowl necks and cuffs.

The collection was predominately black, red and white and relaxed kicks worn on the models feet gave the garments a playful touch. Somehow, the looks still seems to give off a tailored vibe, despite the grandeur (size-wise, we mean). Perhaps it was the fact that shirts covering the neck/chest area always seemed to hug just the right spots, and the wider parts were saved for the appendages. Either way, a man hoping to make a serious statement would love a piece from the Sulvam SS17 collection.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from Amazon Tokyo Fashion week.

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