This season at Orciani BDMOTP fell in love with the stunning leather backpacks in beautiful, bold spring colors like baby blue. The SS17 collection also features many bags in a new hammered leather style, of course, only the most luxurious leather used. Whereas the collection isn’t “officially” unisex, we think that women would enjoy it just as much as men, though please, gentleman, don’t get the wrong idea, these gorgeous leather goods are not feminine in the least. There are a few leather jackets in the collection too.

We especially enjoyed the return of the belts, as Orciani continues strong in SS17 with their famous No-Buckle belt, which allows you to pass through airport security without removing it, a dream come true for frequent travelers. Regular belts are also designed with grommets/studs and geometric woven patterns intricately sewn into the soft leather. As usual, we can’t wait to get our hands on this collection!

























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos from Orciani.

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