Eleventy prides themselves on being the perfect brand for a contemporary young man. Their light and airy spring collection is idea for a modern male, offering plenty of casual and dressy options for any occasion. This season, Eleventy takes a whole new take on the suit, creating what they deem a relaxed suit– sporty pants featuring an elastic waistband as well as a smart casual suit, which is the concept of wearing baggy, more casual pants paired with a formal suit jacket on top. We saw quite a bit of crisp white in the collection, which we absolutely loved for summer.

BDMOTP loves the concept of taking elegant looks and creating a more casual style for a modern man. Whereas we love a solid formal look, the reality is that this day in age, men need options. Being able to own a regular suit, a relaxed suit and smart casual suit ensures you’ll be covered for any of your (suiting) needs.

























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Eleventy.

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