The new Autumn/Winter collection from Cukovy is a true demonstration of the brands progressive vision. The collection is playing between the line of classical elegance and contemporary artistic expression of the designer Brigita Csukovics.



Grey and navy blue are the basic colors the designer has chosen for the more neutral, restrained outfits. Understated but strong. In other examples, we can see a presentation of a simple look enriched by vivacious ornamental applique added to garments to give an exuberant, youthful vibe.


The inspiration for the collection can be found in Greek mythology, where the androgynous represent the union between masculine and feminine characteristics, as we can see in the merging of clean, classic suits and coats with burgundy, red, pink sweaters and details. High-quality leather is also present in the new collection,where in the form of gloves, fully complete the striking outfit that represents audacity and boldness.



The collection is meant for a classical gentleman with excessive confidence and energy,looking for a slight pop and innovation in his style, without being flashy.

Posted by Teodora Musovski and photos from Cukovy.

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