As the Australian embassy sits smack 10 stories high next to the Eiffel tower this made for an interesting backdrop for a runway with a view, the works of Harry Seidler’s living monument of grand urban architecture (the embassy) nicely displayed on one end, the male models in their high-end luxury Australian wool-works parading in a converse towards the reflection of the other.

Strateas C. Caption

For after all, the Strateas Carlucci connection with the Australian Woolmark company is no coincidence and seems to be a perfect fit (no puns intended) as the team of Australian designers loves to work with wool as an innovative tool of sartorial luxury development. It cannot be a coincidence therefore that this highly awarded team of designers (Peter S. and Mario – Luca C.) has been covered over the past couple of years by many important magazines and publications in the fashion industry, so that now at last they have been invited by the ever-so-notoriously-hard-to-please French Chambre Syndicale de la Couture as the first Australian menswear collections to be officially represented on the calendar of Paris FW Homme.

And that is it in a nutshell, but mind you, that this elegant collection has been put together in full cooperation and partnership by the designers with the famous Woolmark – a well-known company and brand, of course, yes – but a company under the auspices of a non-for-profit organization called the Australian Wool Innovation, which brings together more than 24,000 different Australian wool growers all under one roof:  A beautiful cooperation where art meets industry and industry meets art & métier in the traditional fashion of the word.

This organization ever so elegantly states that wool is:

‘The world’s most luxurious and fashionable fiber’ and, ‘the ultimate natural fiber and premium ingredient in luxury apparel’.

Which is very true, and which, if you get to see it up close in the Strateas Carlucci collection on the runway for AW 16/17 – handmade by designers at the top of their game and skill, perhaps becomes the measuring stick by which all other Merino wool apparel should be judged hence on.

So maybe the Chambre Syndicale is onto something after all (as they so often are in their incomprehensible and mysterious ways).























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