Many years ago there was this band called the Talking Heads who may have anticipated with their staccato music all the blabbering, chatting, cluttering, and clattering that is going on in our information age today, when during any given time during a day we are overloaded and bombarded with ever more and more information to the point that we are stretched to the breaking point – no longer knowing what to do, or where to go.


The talking nutcracker heads of Henrik Vibskov. Photo by Monika Majewska.

So with information overload the theme of the runway show – and with the gaping mouths of giant nutcrackers rhythmically clacking on a steady beat – the models took to the floor with ear and forehead covers to protect them, and with a similar device on their shoes preventing them from not stepping or slipping up in the wrong way, and in the wrong fashion. For in this information age – every step, and every bit and bite, whether analogue or digital – has become a potential pitfall.

Backstage, a model with an ‘information overload protection device’)

Backstage, a model with an ‘information overload protection device’. Photo by Monika Majewska.

This show had a lot of character because of its very current theme but also because of its retro fashion offering in that both colors and design as well as patterns had been tied to old commercial labelling and packaging as well as to the well-known classic multiverse of jazz-posters so that an early fifties vibe was going to be very hard to be denied. Shoes and boots in simple checkered black and white against offprint coloring which only retro items can magically conjure. So yes, instantly classic we should say as a feeling of sheer envy creeps upon you as you watch telling you, “yes I want that sweater where do I buy it” so that you are left hanging with an involuntary memory that this show would be remembered – and remembered well for all the right things.

That those retro nutcrackers my crack open with their staccato jaws all the nuts of our spiteful information age so that the style and the colors of yore may be remembered forever more.  Or something like that. Courtesy Henrik Vibskov, designer, who had the courage, poise, and charisma to appear almost unnoticed as the last model on the runway (see if you can spot him in our slideshow).
























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