MBFW Sydney was a fashion week filled mostly with womenswear but also a few select menswear shows and pieces. As one might expect in the land down under, swimwear is big was featured randomly during the week for men.

We are handsome 2

Aussie swimwear brand We Are Handsome showed a combo of speedos mixed with swim trunks for men, patterned with colorful floral or tropical looks etched with grey, quite representative of their signature style. A surefire way to ring summer the Aussie way (all while most of the world welcomes fall, of course).

We are handsome 1

Changing courses from diving to dapper, a few suits from Calibre were also featured during the Red Carpet runway, which showed red-carpet appropriate looks (mainly for women) from a variety of different designers. Calibre’s suits were traditional and well-tailored, perfect for walking an evening red carpet. Or, for most men in the world, for a special date out, wedding etc.

Calibre 1

The suits weren’t particularly trendy, but simply elegant. Isn’t that what you want for evening wear anyway?

Calibre 2

Beach bum by day, red carpet by night, not a bad way to spend your time, Aussies!

Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Natalie Rap.

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