A standout Italian-inspired collection Vanhart walked the runway at Seoul Fashion Week. Typically a fashion week known for trendy, avant-gard designs, the Vanhart collection wowed the crowds with a more classic, dapper set of designs.

Long trenches over suits and motorcycle jackets layered over scarves and knitwear were common fare in the Vanhart show. A variety of colors and silhouettes were shown, but all typical Italian tailoring with tapered looks and well-fitting garments. No oversize was seen here, except for the longer trenches. Linen was repeatedly used and the looks were accessoried with sunglasses and casual loafers, sandals or wingtips.

Have we seen Vanhart before? No, but it certainly feels like it…in Milan or Florence. However elegant, the looks will still well-received by the trendier Seoul crowd.






















Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Natalie Rap.

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