If you combine Lucha Libre Mexican fighter masks with artist Jason Pollock, this might give you an idea of the PlasticTokyo look. Made of fabric and not plastic, the designs are vibrant graffiti prints combintions complete with face and head coverings. While the looks are definitely not for the faint of heart, one might combine a jacket with an all black look for a milder look. After all, Pollock isn’t for everyone!

Bandanas also proved to have a new use in the collection, folder into hat shapes for a different style of head covering than in your typical J.Lo music video. Peace signs and marijuana leaves bring us a 70’s theme, though the silhouettes were decidedly modern.

If you are a man hoping to get noticed, you definitely will be by wearing a PlasticTokyo look.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Natalie Rap.

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