Once again, MBFW Tokyo’s favorite Patchy Cake Eater blows us away with a grand collection, making his name slightly less disturbing with each season that passes. His designs certainly aren’t patchy or cakey, for that matter. Instead, the Patchy Cake Eater SS16 collection shows us style and maturity with it’s dapper yet trendy suit selection and spring-ish trench coats.

Different types of button closures for the blazers give each of the suit looks a bit of originality and the plethora of muted colors works perfectly for early spring. The occasional appearance of stripes and dots gives the collection that extra bit of oomph. Bowties and vests over more casual-style looks give off a delicate hipster vibe. A pool table placed on the runway provides some context for the clothes and the man who will be wearing them. Confident, precise and sharp.























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Natalie Rap.

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