22/4 is a quality German brand from Dusseldorf created by designer Stephanie Hahn with an interesting twist: It makes no distinction anymore between clothes for men and clothes for women. Whereas the designers of the past seemed to always look to men’s collections for inspiration for women, today the reverse is true in that more and more designers – like Stephanie Hahn – are looking at women’s collections to change the styles, fabrics, and designs for men. It surely makes for good spectacle because this way the men’s clothes achieve a natural form of elegance while maintaining the traditional sporty men-in-action look. Not a bad achievement at all even though the ‘skirts-for-men’ principle will take much getting used to for some – unless you are used to bagpipers in Scottish kilts parading in your local neighborhood of course.

Stephanie Hahn uses good quality fabrics and finishing and one of her signatures is the trench coat, to such an extent that some of her collections will take on an elegance retro kind of look for the simple reason that the trench first came into full swing many decades ago as the item in vogue for women as well as men and always as a pièce-avant-gardist ahead of the trends. A very masculine item thus adopted traditionally by women smoking cool and elongated cigarettes in cool black and white movies where the conversation is slow and where the love was still as wine. How to go wrong with such style despite the fact you like to integrate all colors and shapes into unisex items? You can’t. And that is precisely the secret of the 22/4 collection.

One French magazine calls this style concept described in the paragraph above ‘classique revisité’ – classic revisited – and we at BDMOTP couldn’t agree more because there is a difference between plain old ‘retro’ (retro sounding retro) and a modern sort of transgender urban chic which harks to the past but which fits right in with the signs of the times. Classic revisited. As in give that old Greta Garbo and Humphrey Bogart look a new and contemporary twist so that men look more feminine and the women more masculine. If you can see that, you will get the idea behind the new design classicism of the 22/4 collections.
























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