If we had to choose one brand as a representative of the French style in Spain it would undoubtedly be Cremieux. Founded in 1975 by Daniel Cremieux and now directed by his son, Stephane, it presents for the next season SS16 three lines of work which clearly depict the luxury, coloring and sophistication typical of the brand.

Under the name Splash of Colors, the French label introduces a wide range of colors inspired by the safari, abounding kakis, olive green, camouflage, orange, fuchsia and navy. This line also combines with materials that are united by the title Indigo Life with denim and chambray, a type of bleached cotton, as characters that bring us seaside memories.

Last but not least, the knowledge of the fashion capitals par excellence, Paris-New York-Milan, come together to create a bespoke tailoring that reflects the quality and tradition typical of the brand, but introducing some modern patterns like the light jackets with no lining. Shirts are flooded with bright colors, either plain or with prints, and combined with garments in grey or blue.

Hence, it is a very varied collection full of references to the different shores of the Atlantic ocean but with an air that remind us of  Côte d’Azur, offering a casual style but with an elegant twist.
























Post and photos by Paloma Canseco.

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