“Definitivamente habra que rendirse a la evidencia que todo el mundo esta loco.”-Sacha Guitry.

Roughly, this translates to “We definitely need to surrender to the fact that the entire world is crazy.” And then MFShow Madrid’s X-Adnan gave showed the world just a little something different today. Crazy, I don’t know, or perhaps something we can turn to put on when we realize the world is in fact, completely crazy.

Coral suits, spirited patterns and long silky robes walked the runway. Garments full of life for a dynamic and dazzling SS16. A eagle screen printed on various garments seemed to be a various theme, and it was a neat added detail for a casual vibe. The pattern trend seems to be in full force here with X-Adnan.

Vertical stripes were an interesting addition we don’t, and a welcome one at that, since men out there who may not boost the perfect figure may find vertical stripes becoming.

BDMOTP favorite: Coral suit
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

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