Jazz Kuipers Teaser

For the closing show on Amsterdam FW SS16 this one was perfect. Being a closer – whether in baseball or in fashion – defines a special mentality. So yes, bring out the Mogadorians (an evil alien species from B-film staple just to fill you in) or some of the more sinister characters out of Game of Thrones if you so will. This show’s theme is beyond vampires or zombies, and something far more sinister on the spectrum of evil – dark, brooding, relentless (the cat-walking was in hyper aggressive mode, head held down) and definitely an exclamation point of Amsterdam street Goth punctuating a great week, some great shows, and a free for all of gothic, industrial, minimalistic, as well as elegant design & styles.

Jazz Kuipers is a young graduate of AMFI (guess the acronym) and this is only her second show, which makes it all the more remarkable because her dark gem of a collection left an impression powerful enough to want to see it again on the runways of New York, London, and of course, Berlin (not sure if Milan or Paris would be suitable). A gothic ambiance always for a great finale makes – for this is like that moment when you hear the church organ in crescendo at the end of mass, only for all tones to somehow deflate simultaneously and disastrously in on themselves in the second to last chords – a dim, doom, and dark end foretold for which there is no return – so that you wonder if you are actually still free to leave. Fear the wrath of the heavens ye fashion mortals – or something similar of the kind was written in the closing men’s fashion show for Amsterdam FW SS16 by Jazz Kuipers – for ye may not be back; such was the thought in mind of the designer perhaps, and BDMOTP will leave you – and Amsterdam – with it to enjoy the following pictures in quiet (and dark and foreboding) contemplation.
























Posted by Sandro and photos by A.D.P. Yahampath.

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