Amsterdam was decidedly lucky to have Carmichael Byfield to show his SS16 collection on the runways here, for it proved to be a nice and refreshing twist from the minimalistic and sober and gothic that we had been witnessing thus far. Here out comes paisley patterns and odd pastel colors and carrot pants with zippers from top to bottom and crazy shoes in checkered, azure, and gold, while models are spotting an odd retro hairdo mostly – surely a touch of the Caribbean here – let’s call it an odd Mods and Rockers of the Caribbean look on the runway – but greatly appreciated by the crowd and camera, as you can see below.

Several signatures were quite immediately noticeable and as a travelling fashion writer one learns to immediately distinguish the brands who actually are capable to present a coherent collection, rather than a ratatouille of different styles and ideas. So here indeed, with Byfield, we found a collection which was not only cool, but also very coherent in that the intention and the purpose of the collection did not leave much to the imagination.

Because on display were guys happy to dress lightly and flaunt it for summer in the odd pastel colors, with a classic cut (Cuba comes to mind as the place where this cast would be set), with different odd colors, a retro style, old hairdos, and grand checkered or azure shoes – and plenty of zippers on each piece of fabric, characteristics all of a great and inventive collection, but one with a definite signature, and one, that if you were to see it on the streets of New York or London, or even Miami, you would immediately recognize as a Byfield. And that’s class!

And thus it would be superfluous to further state that Carmichael Byfield will set a very nice new style trend with this his latest very creative and interesting collection Men SS16.
























Posted by Sandro and photos by A.D.P. Yahampath.

3 Responses to House of Byfield: Amsterdam Fashion Week

  1. Great review & thank you.

    Gr Carmicheal

  2. Thamara Sleven Cooper says:

    Great refreshing looks.
    The pattern are colorful,daring and still so trendy.

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