Another Amsterdam practical street and casual menswear designer is Franzel. We did a report on Franzel Amsterdam last year and the SS16 this year is a variety on the same themes with one notable difference: Lots of very interesting jewelry (primarily in shiny blinking gold) worn by all models on the runway in the most exotic of places – teeth, arms, necks, fingers, ears, nails, piercings, eyebrows, aye even foreheads – the life of high jewelry as a street style concept extraordinaire, as Franzel likes to offer us a grand mélange of different urban ideas on the same plate.

Franzel is a street and sports/menswear line designed for the contemporary guy on the move who likes to get things done but who is not afraid to take a hit every now or so often – that’s part of life their credo reads, and this brand concept shows on the runway if you look carefully because some of the fabrics are torn, and the ubiquitous jewelry is worn in rather rebellious fashion as if for reasons of finding totems for good luck and protection.

All Franzel wear is made in Amsterdam and they have a very nice street style portal. When you visit the site you will understand the need of the contemporary urban man in Amsterdam. The site offers not just a style but also ideas and concepts.

Indeed today ALL of us think in style and in concepts. It used to be that you needed an ‘education’, a ‘driver license’, or maybe an agree in ‘accounting degree and a nice car’, but no, today what the urban man needs most, is a comfortable style, a good place to belong, an idea, a stylized concept, a home where all your angst and urban fear can rest until you have found the place where you are comfortable, and where you feel like yourself – this is the rabid search for an urban style adaptive which can be so difficult to find in the urban jungles of our day and age. Men the world over are simply looking for a good code to live by – a street style code which is casual yet sporty – and this is precisely what Franzel Amsterdam offers men of today: A home away from home – your own city style, and your own concepts to go along with it.
























Posted by Sandro and photos by A.D.P. Yahampath.

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