Good opening for Amsterdam Men’s Fashion Week with Aziz Bekkaoui happily flaunting the Dutch colors in an elegant design: Red, white, and (Dutch) blue, with a streak of orange of course because the fate of the old constitutional monarchy the Netherlands has always rested safely in the hands of the House of Orange since the 17th century. So appropriately it was that orange was one of the signatures in this first men’s collection to hit the runways this week.

But the UK national colors were very visible as well and it is remarkable to see how the Dutch red differs in hue from UK red, and how Dutch blue is lighter than UK blue if you see it up close and first hand. UK blue is closer to navy, and UK red is deeper. Compare that to French royal blue, and French red you yet still get another set of colors, which in extensor is of course also true for American red and blue.  But French and American red and blue were not on display, just British and Dutch, and design and the cut was elegant yet sporty.

This summery collection breathed both style and elegance and it was like a breath of fresh sea air coming from the North Sea coast on a beautiful day how the men on the runway were introduced to us as happy sailors perhaps or as wholesome beach goers from a bygone era when beaches were still clean and without too many people and without trash, and all with a sense of style and purpose – and with more than a touch of class. The patterns were very Dutch in its minimalistic contours and the colors very primary which made for an interesting and apt metaphor when one model spotted a visible life-size Mondrian tattoo (composition in red, yellow, and blue) on his right arm (see slide – show) reinforcing the same basic structures as in the design and motifs.

Top this off with a little bit of John Galliano-esque gold – dirty rose and yellow gold – in the form of shoes, gloves, and scarfs – and you will get the whole picture of this striking show.  It’s a subverted touch which highlights the elegance that was there in the first place. Look for disequilibrium and then see if the style still stands and holds up.  If it does, it’s a good show.  And so it was with this opener by Aziz Bekkaoui in Amsterdam.























Posted by Sandro and photos by A.D.P. Yahampath.

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