This was a deliciously perverse gothic industrial male fashion show – second show for BDMOTP to witness – and very much in place and venue, for this is Amsterdam where northern gothic dark vibes can mingle with some outstanding VJ’s (if there is anything in which this location outshines other fashion venues around the planet it is in the apt use of some excellent (techno, house, base etc.) VJ’s both on and off the runways).

The Dutch brand Army of Me exists since 2008 and has interesting range of ready-to-wear collections and has grown rather rapidly ever since. One can see why because the look incorporates post-modern industrial wasteland styles with something that amounts up to a heavily serious gothic street-style code. The fact that there was only one or two pieces shown in contrasting whites was the affirmation thereof. As when you witness in the Mediterranean countries so often the colors and the different lights and pastels here in Amsterdam (and undoubtedly also Berlin) you will often witness monochrome dark and depressed shades of black – and maybe grey. But that shouldn’t stop the party. Not with those excellent drum and base VJ’s anyways.

Standout item in the Army of Me dress code, besides the black strap-laced ankle boots and army boots were by far the ominous looking MUMMY SANDALS. Grand concept and great execution. Get ugly black duct tape on a bad end of the black spectrum (scarab, ink, or jet) and twirl it and wrap it randomly around foot and sole so that it looks as if done in a hurry. Voilà, arise ye dark and gothic mummies from the northern graves and go forth. We see the undead armies walking the runways quite often in fashion shows these days – it seems to be a trend. But these sandals are worth a special honorable mention. Made the show.

Army Sandals

One thought is that if Army of Me prêt-a-porter ever goes mainstream around the globe that everybody on the streets will have the swag of extras out of the latest Mad Max movie. This is stuff that really transcends the word ‘cool’ because there is a certain threat-factor in wearing industrial dark street clothing loosely around your waist and your shoulders while spotting industrial shades and a forgotten raven-colored glove on your wrist – without a watch. Because who needs a watch or tell the time when you have some serious style and attitude.

Army of Me – street wear ready to go for a darker and more ominous age.
























Posted by Sandro and photos by A.D.P. Yahampath.

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