The RYNSHU look, drop silhouettes shades always included

Now, there is a few things you really need to know about this show. One: it’s damn good! Two: the designer’s signature is highly recognizable and highly entertaining every time you see his work again (last time there was a close encounter of the third kind). And three: he loves blacks, dark coatings, jacquards, and special dark lacquers on leather (kurozan aka the black diamond of leather).

The RYNSHU look, drop silhouettes shades always included

The RYNSHU look, drop silhouettes shades always included

And then there are those ubiquitous RYNSHU sunglasses in every show.  We see them a lot on many runways of course but RYNSHU maybe rare in that these shades in and off themselves may define the brand.  Oh so now you are curious?  So were we. They are called‘drop silhouette sunglasses’ and they were probably most famously worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


But here is the twist. RYNSHU decided for his latest SS16 collection to add the following extra layer of color cool factor: Lavender, Egyptian blue, and lavish pink. Hot pink. Flash pink. Lily-rose pink. Some call it electric pink or fluorescent pink. For writing purposes BDMOTP will dub it Lady Gaga Pink because the lead model was wearing a pink wig (or perhaps that RYNSHU has very gifted hair stylists) which was clearly the standout item of the show. And in a long and obedient procession following the pink wig there followed rather marvelous and grand collection of creations with the grand contrasts of lavender, Egyptian blue, but mostly flash pink against the 23 different shades of black known on the spectrum. All the way from manga to hentai and back.

Rynshu 3

Pink carrot pants on black ankle boots with an Egyptian blue blouse

Thus the RYNSHU runway show strikes hard again, and leaves a lasting impression. In baseball metaphor, this is a hit and a run. Something you want to see again. Hey, something you may want to wear …
























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