It’s a sunny and warm Sunday in New York, and I can’t think of a better way to enjoy the end of the weekend than heading up to the trendiest and most hipster borough: Williamsburg. In the 70 North 7th Brooklyn, ready to be discovered lays one of Brooklyn best Flea Markets: Artists & Fleas. A funny and eye-catching sign welcomes all visitors to cross the tiny door located in the front of what it seemed to be an old storage building now turned into a full-packed vintage market which can only be described with one sentence: creativity is exploding here!

After wandering around the stalls and having browsed all the handmade jewelry, accessories, clothes and several forms of art, two stands grab my attention. In the middle of the artistic forest that surrounds us, there it is. Gentlemen, please prepare yourselves to welcome a new version of style: “fashion and crafts”.

It is believed by some that a man without a tie is no man at all. I take one step further and say that “a man without a bow tie is not a real man”. Dap Kitsch does not create just bow ties, they create small pieces of wearable art. They reinvent the classic accessory adding a twist: it is not about polka dots or stripes anymore, say hello to new prints which include whales, tigers, beetles, paisley and anything you can’t imagine (including a Dexter inspired one). Not a fan of bow ties because you find them hard to tie? Then you don’t have an excuse, because they also come in pre-tied and upcycled styles as well.

Some steps away and with a smile on his face, you can find one of the men behind Curated Basics, a brand that offers a collection of accessories that are indispensable for those who dare calling themselves gentlemen. From some essentials, such as handkerchiefs, cufflinks or leather belts, to others more controversial like anchor male bracelets or steel flasks, they all have something in common: color. And not just pale and light colors, but those that make strong statements, those that stand out from the crowd. To make clothing more appealing they decorate cotton handkerchiefs and silk or wool ties with houndstooth and flowery prints, and fishtanks and other animal motifs. And last but not least, they offer a wide range of colors in shoe laces so the most adventurous can add some contrast to their working outfit.













Photos and post by Paloma Canseco.

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