When the whole gym-shoe-paired-with-suit concept started happening a year or two ago, I am not going to lie, I turned my nose up in disgust. Then, I started pairing sneakers with more formal outfits, and not only did my feet begin to thank me, I also realized that I was right on trend, because everyone else was doing it too!

Street Style Milan Uomo (79)

Now it seems as if the trend is evolving…white sneakers everywhere, with everything, and AFTER Labor Day. I’m having a harder time with this trend, mainly because it reminds me of some specific life experiences:

1. The 80’s, straight up

2. My mother buying me white gym shoes and then me feeling dumb because they were “too” white and trying to quickly dirty them

So forgive me if I am having a bit of trouble jumping on board the white gym shoe trend…especially as they are becoming seemingly chunkier by day–anyone remember those platform Lugz or Sketchers from the early 90’s?

To do or not to do? I guess this depends on your personal style. If you really want to be on top of the trends go for it. I also find this works best with hipster looks, and young people. Forgive me for feeling alienated from a 20-year-old in skinny black jeans and white gym shoes….however here at BDMOTP we have seen it done well, so for some ideas, check out a few of our street style photos below.

Which Ones To Buy

We love this white pair of Louis Leeman Paris kicks

We love this white pair of Louis Leeman Paris kicks

The label isn’t really important (for once). Converse, New Balance, Adidas, Reebok even Dior and Y3 all have a pair of perfectly white gym shoes. Just pick your poison, and above all, make sure they stay as brightly white as possible. You could even go “vintage” and dig out those old Sketchers or Lugz, or even the dreaded white K-Swiss kicks from the bottom of  your closet. High or low tops are both a variable of the trend, so pick whichever you prefer.

You could go with a classic pair of high top white Reeboks

You could go with a classic pair of high top white Reeboks

How To Make It Work

To avoid looking like a vagabond Brooklyn teenager, trying pairing your look with something tailored, but don’t overdo it. This young man looks crisp and fashionable with his blazer, hat, and white kicks.



If you want to make a real statement (go big or go home, right), pair your white shoes with a black outfit, or black and white if you feel like being sartorial. This will definitely show people you are in it to win it.

SS17 SSmad08

Good luck in your styling, and when in doubt, cuff those pants and blind people with the whiteness of your footwear. Remember, this time around, it’s cooler if they stay white, so don’t play in the mud.

Posted by Lori Zaino, and images by Paloma Canseco, Yulia Gromova and Darrel Hunter.

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