If you are looking for that perfect accessory piece to take you from winter into spring, the hat is right on trend. Really, the style doesn’t even matter as long as it covers your head… a bowler, a fedora, a derby, something vintage and fabulous, even a ski hat will do.

The hat is a versatile trend that is perfect for spring because not only is it a great way to make an otherwise basic outfit interesting, it also blocks the sun out of your eyes on a spring, sunny day, and still keeps your head warm when temps are just beginning to warm up, but not yet hot.

Here at BDMOTP we are huge fans of the hat, and have been seeing it all over the runways as well as out on the streets.

Key Tips For the Choosing The Right Hat

  • Try it on! Many hats look good or bad on a person simply due to the shape of your face and head. So get over to the hat shop and just try. What you imagined might look great may not look as good as you hoped, and you may be suprised at what comfortably fits you and makes you look awesome.
  • Think of a hat as an addition to an outfit. Pick something that can match a variety of styles and colors, but not something so boring it seems bland.
  • Don’t discount vintage. You may just find a great hat at a vintage shop or digging one out of your dad’s closet from the 60’s!
  • Whatever you select, own it and wear it with pride!
  • Take inspiration. Check out some of our hats below to get some style tips.

The PageBoy Hat



The Ski Hat





The Wide-Brim Hat, The Derby Hat and the Fedora







Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco and Darrel Hunter.

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