‘Exotic Opulence’ is how New York-based designer Giovanni Cattleya describes his brand of luxury menswear. Cattleya feels that designs are not about trend, but instead impeccable taste. His designs show an elegant maturity, but are still filled with fun colors and silhouettes that somehow emulate high fashion, but not in an overstated or over-the-top way.

We especially appreciate the snow-shot AQ15/16 looks, filled with bold pinks and oranges for winter, reminiscent of the Silk Road and the Orient. The feeling of ‘exotic’ shines through, above all, in the luxurious fabric and color choices in which Cattleya uses for his debonair menswear looks.

Above all, BDMOTP loves the appearance of the patterned winter white suit, with a longer jacket, of course, paired with the ever-stylish gym shoe. In case you’ll been out of the loop, pairing sneakers with suits is so “right now.” With Cattleya, we really see attention to detail, a mismatched “clashing” pattern that somehow just works, a flower on the edge of grey coat, or gold buttons to add just a small special touch to an orange leather jacket without going overboard.

Giovanni Cattleya’s designs are perfect for a New York gentleman with an old soul, someone with depth, design and a flair for elegance–someone with an inkling for the finer things in life.
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Robert Hicks.


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