The MBFW Madrid: Jesus Lorenzo collection only showed four menswear looks, but they certainly were “wow” looks. As Lorenzo specializes in fur and leather, the AW15/16 collection entitled “Natural Look” was bound to scream luxury, and that it did.

The history of fur in Spain is a lengthy one. Both the young and old invest in a good fur coat, and these days, fur is trending everywhere, in hats, gloves, scarves, detailing and ¬†more. And of course, leather never goes out of style. No one in Spain worries about animal cruelty or any of those things that those in the United States rave on about and where I’ll back away from any personal fur political commentaries, it’s important to know that wearing fur is simply part of the European culture.

But men? Can men wear fur? Will they look silly, or overdone? According to Jesus Lorenzo’s collection, my firm answer is that men can most definitely wear fur.

Now, Lorenzo gives men some options. If you are feeling confident about your fur, and want to dive right in, or live in say, Siberia (or Chicago) where it’s quite cold, a large and luxurious fur coat or even a fur cape for a dressy evening out would be appropriate. If going head-to-toe in fur is just too nerve racking for you, you can always just add touches. Fur is appearing everywhere these days, on hoods, hats, scarves and even gloves. Jesus Lorenzo showed a plump, soft looking scarf paired with a leather jacket that would be perfect for man to start with fur. It’s just a little Fur 101.

If fur just isn’t your thing, don’t worry, because leather can be considered much more masculine (just think of all those Harley motorcycle dudes that sport leather all the time) and you can again, go all out with say, an orange leather jacket, or just add it touches, like a cool pair of leather driving gloves or leather trim on a wool coat.

























Photos and post by Lori Zaino.

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