The MBFW Madrid: Ion Fitz collection  Apres Ski had a major geometric theme. Pops of evergreen and pastel pink dotted the garmets and many a luxury fabric prevailed, such as fur, cashmere, wool, silk and even mohair.

The collection did have a significant winter weather theme. Balls of yarn and fabric were sewn onto many of the clothes as if to represent a winter wonderland of snow.

The name Apres Ski leads us the belive the collection will be sporty, but really elegance was the name of the game here. Evening wear and professional looks prevailed, however the looks were autumn and winter appropriate, and touches of fur were beautifully placed (*see above snowflake reference). Again, we see the appearance of the man-skirt, which we’ve come across quite a bit this season, most recently in Madrid at the davidelfin and Francis Montesinos runway shows. Touches of tweed also “winterize” the collection.

Fitz describes the collection as being for an ” urban dandy” type, which I feel is definitely the vibe that comes accross. The men wearing Fitz are classic with a trendy twist, and always want to be kept warm during the cold winter. However, one need not be a skier to wear Fitz. One must just need to be sophisticated.

BDMOTP favorite: silk evergreen suit
























Posted by Lori Zaino and photos by Paloma Canseco.

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